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Help Make Sure Everyone Sees This Ad

Changing the law on marriage has consequences for every Australian, reaching into personal freedoms, sex education in schools and parental rights.

The first television commercial from the Coalition for Marriage speaks to each of these consequences.

Three Australian mums have come forward to share their stories about the radical LGBTI sex education taught in their kids’ schools, and share their concerns about how this will only expand if the law on marriage changes.

They are acutely aware that in countries where marriage has been redefined, programs like the controversial “Safe Schools” program have become compulsory, with parents’ being denied the right to remove their kids from lessons about gay sex and gender fluidity.

We know that hearing directly from Australian mums will send a powerful message to those unsure about whether redefining marriage will affect them. 

We need to make sure all Australians see this ad!

We need your help to keep this ad on the air. Please help us make sure as many people as possible are informed about what is truly at stake in this vote.