Bill Shorten is playing politics with marriage

There have been 17 unsuccessful Bills before Parliament to change the definition of marriage. It is now time for Mr Shorten to get out of the way and allow all Australians to have their say on marriage.

Your financial support right now is crucial in making sure we can do everything possible to pressure Bill Shorten to support a people’s vote. We need your help to send a strong message to Canberra on behalf of millions of Australians. 

With your help we can mount the toughest campaign to persuade Bill Shorten and others to secure the plebiscite.

Who's donating

Paul Dumont
Robert Haughey
Dongwen Zhu
Patrick Coyne
Petet Eaton
Theo Tsourdalakis
Carly Forsyth
John McDonald
Elisabeth (Lisa) Stevenson

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