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Thank You for Making Your Voice Heard!

Thank you for urging your local MP and senators to protect our freedoms.

Help us multiply your voice! Click here to ask likeminded friends and family to do the same. 

Will you help us continue to defend marriage and freedoms? Please chip in a few dollars to support our ongoing work! By donating today, you ensure that we can continue to hold our politicians to account in the future. 

Thank you again! We appreciate your ongoing support of Marriage Alliance and your commitment to standing up for marriage and the rights of all Australians.


Who's donating

Barry Watts
Debbie And Laurie Dunne
Ellen McKenzie
Annette Dawson
Adrian Watter
Joseph Justin Thappalodth Innasi
Frank Gessler
Edgar Montesinos
Antonio Braga
Matthew Cowcher
David Shearer
John Gwynne
Geoffrey Stevens
Marilyn Wood
Peter Khor
Martin Cran
Nola Beveridge
Philip Lawler
David Cowasji
Hella Elise Langer
Yaowen Zhang

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